Accumulators and Batteries

Accumulators and Batteries

The batteries allow the users of the facilities not to waste the energy produced that they will not consume, so that it is used at times where the energy production by the modules is null or insufficient.

There are different types of batteries suitable for solar energy installations, according to their composition and arrangement of elements (open lead, AGM, gel, Lithium, monobloc, stationary accumulators, flat plate, tubular plate …)

Monobloc Open batteries. Midac has flat plate batteries and tubular plates of 6 and 12 V up to 260Ah in C100.

Monobloc AGM hermetic batteries. Vision has the widest range of 12V AGM batteries from 9 Ah to 240 Ah in C120.

Translucent Accumulators. MSP range from Midac, same electrical characteristics as OPzS batteries at a better price. Stationary batteries of 2V from 151Ah to 811 Ah in C120.

OPzS Accumulators. Stationary batteries of 2V of Midac. Range from 151Ah to 4,788 Ah in C120.

OPzV Accumulators. Stationary batteries of 2V with Midac gel electrolyte. Range from 197Ah to 3.936 Ah in C120



Lithium LV batteries. Flexible and modular 48V BYD batteries. They have the Battery-Box LV range with 3.5kWh modules connected in parallel, with a range of 3.5 to 14kWh, and the Battery-Box Pro range with 2.56kWh modules connected in parallel, with a range of 2, 56 to 13.8kWh

Lithium HV batteries. BYD high-voltage batteries, with flexible and modular design without internal wiring. Battery-Box HV range contains 5 to 9 modules of 1.28kWh connected in series to reach up to 11.52kWh of useful capacity. Possibility of connecting up to a maximum of 5 Battery Box HV to reach 57.6kWh.


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