Hispasol Renovables was born in 2012 focusing on the implementation of photovoltaic parks in Europe and the Middle East, taking advantage of the extensive previous experience of its partners of over 25 years in electrical installations of HV, MV, LV and civil works.

Note the bet for environmental projects such us W.W.T.P., M.S.W. centres, D.W.T.P. and installations, aiming to protect bird life from electrocution by power lines in Special Protection Areas. The qualitative and quantitative leap stands out as of 2,007 with the construction of big solar parks connected grid-tie in Spain and from 2,010 paving the way into the international markets of photovoltaic parks execution.

Parallel in 2013, we launched the Energy Alternatives department in our headquarters in Merida to commission solar energy solutions in Spain. Germ of which we specialized and became Distributors and Consultants of solar energy in Spain, Portugal and Morocco, becoming this in our main activity nowadays. Thanks to the experience gained we advise to our customers in all types of solar energy installations, we make studies, reports, calculations and promotional material prior collaboration agreement, besides accompanying them in the process of commissioning their first installations.

We can proudly say that we are currently official distributors of Nastec and Lorentz solar pumps, of Schneider-Xantrex and Victron photovoltaic equipment, LSis (former LG Insustrial Systems) Variable Frecuency Drives, of Midac and Visión batteries, Inso and SolarBloc structures, Ampere Energy smart self-consumption systems Li-Ion, Huawei and Kostal grid-tie inverters, BeOn Energy microinverters and Hybrid and generator set of Grupo Casli. All brands of recognized prestige and high quality.

We are currently a strong consolidated company, with financial backing, able to manage any project with total Guarantee.

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