Grid Tie Photovoltaic

Grid Tie Photovoltaic

Generate and consume your own energy never was so easy. Currently, there is a legislative framework that allows implementation of projects and feasible facilities of self-consumption on grid, either with or without energy storage. From Hispasol we offer our customers REAL AND FEASIBLE solutions to their grid-tie installations.

We have equipment from the main manufacturers in the sector for all types of photovoltaic on grid:

Self-Consumption without energy storage.

It is a photovoltaic solar energy system installed in our home or business and interconnected with the public grid. During the day, the energy produced is consumed instantaneously. If there is a surplus, it can be injected into the grid even if no economic consideration is received, or you can install a zero injection device and also avoid paying for the study of the connection point. When there is no solar production we consume electricity from the public grid.

Direct self-consumption allows us to save on electricity bills and efficiently consume a renewable and inexhaustible resource.

We have at your disposal BeOn Energy microinverters, and single-phase and three-phase Huawei and Kostal inverters.

Self-Consumption with energy storage.

It is a photovoltaic installation that has batteries in which we accumulate surplus energy produced during sunny hours. This system allows to use the stored energy when there is not enough solar radiation and it also has the support of the electrical grid for when there wasn’t enough solar energy nor accumulation in the batteries.

We have inverter-chargers from Schneider and Victron from 0.5 to 12 kW and hybrid inverters of Kostal and Huawei, in batteries we have reference manufacturers such as Midac and Vision.

Self-consumption with smart energy management

Thanks to new smart batteries of Ampere Energy, the 24 hours a day self-consumption of solar energy it is now a reality within everyone’s reach. These smart systems use the weather forecast, the price of energy and the user profile to achieve maximum energy independence.

Among other advantages, its easy installation stands out because they integrate all the elements in a single equipment (lithium-ion battery, photovoltaic inverter and equipment control) and they incorporate a back-up system hat allows to not worry about the cuts of supply. Also, through AMPi, its app, users can view their data history from any device.

With the combination of photovoltaic production and an Ampere Enregy smart energy manager, users can get maximum profitability to achieve the greatest savings, and enjoy more comfort at home or at business.