Since our beginnings we have defined 3 goals, clearly differentiated but with a common end to improve the energy bill of our customers, while reducing their ecological footprint.

We strongly believe that it is possible to maintain a respectful balance with our environment without having to involve greater expenditure.

These are our 3 commitments:

  1. ECONOMIC SAVINGS. Due to continuous increases in our energy bills, the ever growing tolls and the volatility of energy markets both on the daily basis and forward (OMIE-OMIP), renewable alternatives are becoming more real, especially in activities whose consumptions is confined to short periods of time, livestock, agriculture, agribusiness…

  2. SAVING ENERGY. Our Ecological Footprint also depends upon our ability to use energy more efficiently, looking for uses and equipment that uses energy more reasonably. Achieving this commitment is also essential for the first one, being as a reduction in demand leads to a lower energy generation systems.

  3. RESPECT OUR ENVIRONTMET. This is critical and one of our reasons for being. It is our obligation to reduce our impact on the environment and of finite resources.

Nuestras Solar Solutions seek to exploit natural resources to the fullest, focusing especially on ENERGY from the SUN.