Variable Frequency Drives

Hispasol Renovables is a Distributor of LSis Frequency Variators for solar pumping, in Spain and Portugal.

The LSIS solution for water pumping with solar energy and variable frequency drives of LSIS allows the maximum use of the available solar energy in each moment, thanks to a tracking algorithm of the maximum power point (MPPT).

This solution is especially indicated in both ISOLATED INSTALLATIONS and SWITCHED or HYBRID to a genset so that it supplies the necessary power in the moments of low solar radiation, insufficient for the drive of the pump.

  • MPPT function: Maximum use of available solar energy
  • Suitable for ISOLATED systems
  • Possibility of SWITCHING and HYBRIDIZATION with a genset
  • SMART CONTROL to avoid unnecessary starts and stoppages

Intelligent control of the “Sleep / Wake” states of the VFD prevents continuous and unnecessary starts and stops at dawn, dusk and on cloudy days.

In these applications, the VFD optimizes the entire installation by reducing the working power and energy consumption while increasing the service life of the pump / motor assembly.

Variable Frequency Drives