Hybrid systems (Gas+Solar)

Hybrid systems (Gas+Solar)

If a self-consumption installation with solar panels and batteries is not enough, when energy demand is constant and intense, it is necessary to support the system with GAS generation equipment.

Thus, with two energy sources at your disposal it is almost impossible to be left without an electricity supply.

These solutions are especially interesting in farms that do not have a connection to the electricity grid, where the owners are forced to work with generators that consume large amounts of fuel, while generating polluting gases and very annoying noises.

In addition, we have references in this type of installations where it is demonstrated that this type of systems are perfectly functional.

However, these are not novel systems in which their behavior is not known over the years, but it has been a reality for more than 10 years. In this sense, VICTRON has a proven experience in the electrification of isolated rural areas as well as agricultural facilities throughout the world.

The configurations we propose are the right solution for current and future needs, since it allows the creation of multiple clusters (sites), which would be interconnected. So they are perfectly expandable without having to discard the above.


The generation power of the group is managed by the VICTRON system, which balances the different productions of the generating systems available at each moment (Solar, Genset and batteries), depending on the demand of the farm. That is, the system could deliver in a SIMULTANEOUS way, all the energy generated by the solar field, that of the generator set and that allowed by the Victron inverters (from batteries). In case of lack of solar radiation, we would have all the power of the genset if necessary.

Likewise, in the case of hybridizing with the LPG group, the LPG installation itself (tank, canalization, etc.) can be used to supply the farm’s heating system.

Thanks to our agreement with Repsol we can offer you very advantageous conditions in the supply of LPG.

We are official distributors of Grupo Casli, manufacturer of diesel, LPG and Hybrid generator sets

Grupo Casli also has a compact solution for hybrid systems, the Hyb Energy generators.

Hyb-Energy is a continuous power producer that makes use of up two renewable energy sources (Solar, wind, hydro, etc …) and the energy generated by a generator powered by LPG or Diesel.

It has an electronic equipment which manages the energy demand without interrupting the power supply at any time.

Hyb-Energy gives priority to the use of Renewable Energy, which is stored in accumulators for being transformed later and provided to 230 or 380 V – 50 Hz. by means of an inverter equipment.

When the energy required by the user is equal to or less than that supplied by solar panels and the stored in the batteries, the Hyb-Energy module works without making use of the generator.

In cases of gen starting, the device performs a “bypass” so that it does not involve the stored energy. In turn, it will use part of the energy generated by the group to charge batteries.

Advantages of Hyb-Energy equipment combining with solar panels:

  • Totally automated system.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Easy and economical installation.
  • It avoids fuel theft as fuel cannot be transferred from one tank to another..
  • It eliminates the risk of groundwater contamination.
  • Up to 50% quieter than a diesel engine.
  • Emissions improvement compared to diesel, 95% in NOx emissions and combustion particles by 99%. Reduction in CO2 exhaust emissions up to 15%.

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