Charge Controllers

Charge Controllers

In installations that include batteries, charge controllers manage the input power to distribute it to the loads or such storage equipment, where they manage the battery charging phases and also protect them against overloads and overdischarges.

We find two types of charge controllers, PWM controllers and MPPT maximizers. The difference is based on the MPPTs manage the maximum power point of the PV field to get the most out of the modules, while the PWMs adjust to the battery bank voltage regardless of the production of the modules.

With this, MPPT maximizers take advantage of solar production up to 30% more than PWM controllers, and in addition all types of solar panels can be connected and the connection of these can be in series up to a certain voltage.

Controllers and MPPT maximizers Victron

Victron Energy has a wide range of charge controllers and MPPT maximizers, ranging from 12Vdc to 48 Vdc and amperages from 5 A to 100 A.

Also keep in mind that many of them can be parallelized for larger systems.

They exist with LCD screen and if it but all can be viewed and monitored remotely with the Color Control GX accessory.

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